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We Need Your Support!

We aim to make donating tax-deductible, convenient and efficient for donors through charitable giving accounts. The Foundation allows donors to establish four basic types of funds or to give money to the Foundation’s General Fund or Crisis Assistance Fund. For more information on the benefits of setting up a fund, please contact us at  


General Fund

Contributions to the General Fund are used to support innovative programs for our growing community and to provide grants to non-profits serving the Gretna area.

Crisis Assistance Fund

Contributions to the Crisis Assistance Fund are used to support Gretna-area families and individuals who are experiencing financial hardship due to crisis or disaster events. The GCF Board does not accept direct applications for crisis assistance, but works with first responders, local churches, schools and/or non-profits to provide financial resources to individuals or families identified by these entities during times of crisis.


Designated Fund

These funds are used to support a specific program, cause or project such as the Public
Library or Scholarships for High School and College students.


Field of Interest Fund

These funds can be designated to a particular area of charitable interest such as a health care
fund or a fund for the arts.


Donor Advised Fund

The donor maintains advisory control of their irrevocable charitable donation and works with
the GCFF and the Midlands Community Foundation to help direct distributions to
qualified charitable organizations that matter most to the donor.

Scholarship Fund

These funds can be established to help local students pursue their dreams and goals at colleges, universities and trade or technical schools after high school graduation. 

Current Funds

Designated Funds

4 the 4 Fund

Abby and Stephen Young Memorial Foundation

Addisyn Pfeifer Memorial Fund

Dragon Football Booster Club Fund

Gretna Area Chamber of Commerce Fund
Gretna Band Parents Fund

Gretna Bright Futures Foundation Fund

Gretna Days Community Improvement Fund

Gretna Downtown Association Fund
Gretna HomeTown Heroes Fund
Gretna Neighbors Endowed Fund
Gretna Neighbors Food Pantry Fund 
Gretna Optimist GCF Fund

Gretna Public Library Fund

Gretna Veteran Memorials Fund
Gretna Volunteer Fire Department Endowed Fund
Gretna YMCA Fund
Little Giants Foundation Fund
Matt's Music Memorial Fund 

Optimist Metro Area Battling Childhood Cancer Fund


Field of Interest Funds

Gretna Children in Crisis Fund

Gretna Senior Citizen's Fund


Donor Advised Funds

Ephesians 2:8-10 GCF Fund 
Huber Charitable Fund
Jeff and Shirley Boyer Family Fund
Jim and Dorothy Dickinson Memorial Endowed Fund
Jim and Susan Koesters Charitable Fund
P&J Hartnett Family Fund

Stage Family Charitable Fund

Sump Charitable Fund

Scholarship Funds

Addisyn Pfeifer Scholarship Fund

Gretna Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund

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